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Saturday November 10th

Have had a few wonderful days in the city and to close up this trio of Red lips speaking up the last Community Show of 2018 held at the North Fork Art Collective where more then 35 artists from the community share their work.

I though it would be perfect opportunity to connect deeper with this amazing humans inviting them to Speak up about something that matters to them and they did!

It can feel a bit intimidating especially in this Opening-Party setting, people can think it defines them but really it just shows something that really matters to them and I am very grateful they share with me.

Please scroll down and read all the answers of : ‘What would you like to speak up in this moment”

Thank you all artists that participated, I’m doing my best to link your Instagram here in case someone reading is curious about you can find you.

Also would like to say I I would like to speak up about, and the first thing that comes to me is : YOU ARE LOVED

Even in your darkest moments, even when you cant feel it… YOU ARE LOVED

And this comes to my love for NICARAGUA as well. Even though my country and people have gone trough some pretty terrifying times, you are most deeply loved by anyone that gets to meet you. And I promise to be an advocate of Nicaragua for the rest of my life.

Thank you again and Enjoy.

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