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Experience of 30 in 30 days

Well what a month November has been for me! I moved into a new place for the next 6 months, that also means a new studio, and with that the challenge of painting 30 small paintings in 30 days! What a rollercoaster! I could almost write a diary of how I felt every day and that reflects directly in the result on the final result of each painting. So here was my strategy: start about 3 paintings one night and continue to developed the painting until it was done in about 3 days, I would post on Instagram the one that was close to being done or finished and continue the cycle painting every night after Ella went to sleep. Im so excited to have finish the challenge and you can check the whole mini collection on my instagram. It will be live on my website next week and you will be the first to receive a notification so you can check them up! They could be a great original present for someone special in your life. (or yourself!) Things that I was reminded during this challenge: -A piece does not have to be 'perfect' to come out to the world. We put so much stress and judgment into what we do that we forget to just share what is. -Not every day would be the ideal to paint, if other things in my life are imbalance or taking energy from me, it is really hard for me to flow and create something Im happy with. -I can push myself and create space for me to create, at the end of the day this practice brings me joy and that can be reflected and shared which is the ultimate goal. This is the first time in my life that I have created small format paintings AND the first time I ve ever created so many paintings in a short period of time. So double rewards for me and infinite feelings of gratitude for everyone that encouraged me during the process.

So whats next?! This month I will focus on reorganizing my studio, attending to a few Christmas fairs organized by the North Fork Art Collective and wrapping this babies to their new homes!

Big Love!


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