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April 2018 started the deadliest oppression of the Nicaraguan population in the country's recent history. More than 350 people lost their lives in the space of 3 months at the hand of Paramilitary soldiers.  If you are reading this then you probably know the facts, acknowledged by the heads of Human rights Organizations like the CIDH.


To commemorate a year of resistance I am sharing this piece I made around July 2018.

Every stroke of paint represents a life taken away . Each of them a part of us, who went to the streets to peacefully defend their countries rights and never came back home. “Fragmented Flag” is an attempt to represent each and every one of these brave people and how their life was given for their country composing our Blue and White Flag, a flag that has been our only weapon and is now fragmented.

Read more y en Espanol aqui.


 Verona Peñalba 2024

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