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Spring in the Factory Studios

Today was my first day of painting after all this vacation and travel and moving. I was ready, ready to create to paint and to color! The days in south of England are a still cold (at least for my caribbean heated body!!) and the sun does not come out as much as I would love to, but my desire to paint is bigger and bigger.

I have rented a mini studio 5 blocks from where I am staying at "The Factory Studios" Its is a very nice place where different type of artists have space to produce their Art. I have never really shared a space with other artists so it is a little bit new for me. I normally like my own sacred space, with my music, moods, candles, lights. But this place is the best option I have for my remaining month in England, so I have already covered the walls with blue and gold paper to feel at home.

Today I started a painting, my first of my series for now named "Blossoms". I am fascinated by the flowers blossoming and blooming EVERYWHERE around me here in Bournemouth. They are all very new for me as in the tropical-next to the beach places I have lived you don't really have a magical Spring season like here. It only made sense to get inspired by this little-colorful-magical-angels called flowers and paint faces inspired in the most enigmatic flowers of the area.

I have less then a month to finish at least 8 pieces for this project, set up a date to show in the Factory Studios (they also do shows!!!) and with some extra wonderness a showing in London!!!

Additionally I am taking portrait commissions to leave some beauty in UK homes, I already have one Big commission (Hurra!!!!) but will work to get a few more!!!

Very busy and exciting month ahead!!! Just writing about it gets me excited!!!

If you are in the UK and will like to commission a portrait, please send me a message trough HERE or my email

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