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After a picnic lunch of tapas and strawberry & lime cider, my wonderful friend Rosie and I went to visit the Tate Britain Museum in London.

They are showing 500 years of Britain Art. Because we only had 1 hour before it closed we decided to do the last half. I have never studied history of Art, I read about artists I like but I enjoy so deeply when I visit museums that have a selection of what they feel has influenced their Art history.

It was amazing to see how modern and strong Britain Art is. We enjoyed each piece, learning a little bit more and discovering new artists!

The photos I took of some of the Art that stroke me the most-(This is a collage of photos, proportions of the pieces are not in respect of their real size, most of them where at least 1.5 meters high)

At the top what a wonder! An "Azalea Garden" by Patrick Heron. Could not stroke me mooore??? Now that I am painting a series of blossom flowers; I looooooove this types of paintings, I see my self taking a more abstract route in the future, but I still have other roads to walk. -Or fly!

YOU MAKE ME - I did not see this piece, but on my postcard purchase (I collect postcards, they are little pieces of art, ON PAPPER!!!) this is the one that made me feeeeeeel something.

Then we have the "Two sisters" by Ralph Peacock, As I read the title I immediately though of my two nieces, the two little sisters that live life together <3 but most fascinating was the way he painted the younger girl's hair. As a painter I'm always checking paintings to discover 'how' they did it, the process, their color choices, their shadows, It makes me understand more and I get a feeling of how that artists was a person.

Next to it you will find another amazing piece by Walter R. Sickert, the way he painted the skirt so quickly -it feels- and with 2 tones- so alive and messy and elegant at the same time.

Next is this voluptuous sculpture by Sir Jacob Epstein, based on the biblical story of Jacob and the angel. I admire how artists transform stories of the bible in scenes for all of to see. You don't have to read the bible or even have a set religion to feel connected to this piece. An Angel, a helping hug very much needed in the days of struggle.

And finally a piece by Turner. The Tate has a special exposition presenting pieces by this amazing artist. It was my first date with this painter, alltough I felt I had seen his pieces before; I got to know him better. His landscapes are filled with depth and light, mesmerizing; like a deep breath filled with love. I chose the picture of the nude, because I love how is an unfinished piece, he just started with the body, who knows his intentions for the background, but empty is just perfect.

It is very easy to fall in love with a raw canvas. But you cant fight the feeling to fill all that blank space with color!!!!

*Visiting London? The Tate Britain is FREE!!! Enjoy!

From the top

Azalea Garden -Patrick Heron

Untitled (You Make Me) -Christopher Wool

The Sisters -Ralph Peacock

Miss Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies as Isabella of France-Walter Richard Sickert

Jacob and the Angel -Sir Jacob Epstein

Two Recumbent Nude Figures -Joseph Turner

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