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Living an Ocean Dream in Cabarete, DR . Mermaids. Sun. Love

And one year later I am back in Cabarete.

I keep coming back to this magical place.

It feels like yesterday when I came here for the first time, with the Team of Nikki Beach to open a location here. I fell involve instantly with the energy and people of this place.

The Dominican people have this joyful presence and spirit, all you want to do is be part of that, and be part of them. Is easy as they open their smiles instantly. I guess that's why so many expats live here a swell.

A year wiser and greatly thankful to be back here where I started my time of *painting only*. It has been such an amazing year, I just want to celebrate living a present full of light and dreaming a future of immense joy and love.

We (my love Dom and I) found this small apartment, great value and soooo close to the beach I get to take the sun and swim in the ocean every day.

I started painting, and a week in, I have finished a (32"X40") piece and learning watercolor by painting mermaids and universes!

And I have 2 more pieces in progress. One of them to continue the feeling of the mermaids. I want soft caribbean almost pastel colors.

I feel the beach makes me feel very pastel, allways bright, but relaxed...soft pastel colors.

All this paintings are available for sale in Cabarete, and I will present them Saturday October 4th. late afternoon at Eze Cabarete. More details soon!

Love <3


(Lee en Español abajo)

Untitled. Ocean Loves. (32"X40") Acrilic on paper.

En Español!

Y un año después estoy de vuelta en Cabarete.

Sigo regresando a este mágico lugar.

Se siente como si fuera ayer cuando vine por primera vez con el equipo de Nikki Beach para abrir una locación aqui. Me enamore al instante con la energía y la gente de Cabarete.