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Sometimes we get clues about materials and techniques by looking at them in other work, museums or even social media. But one thing that had been on my mind for many years is Resin, I always loved the effect that large paintings had with the use of resin, I would normally see it on big Art Fairs and wonder about how I could implement that into my work.

About 3 years ago I decided to try myself, and went for the ‘cheap’ option to use regular resin that you find in hardware store to test it first before investing in a better brand. Well it was definitely a disaster, although I watched the videos and learn ‘how’ to do it. I did not take in count the space in where I prepared the piece which -did not know- got super hot during the day and the resin did not have a chance to dry properly. That same summer I got pregnant and my resin dreams had to wait.

Last year I gave myself the chance to try again, this time I invested in Art Resin, The reviews and benefits seemed to be much better for artists and Artwork, and like magic, everything fell into place, I watched the videos and instructions they provide plus all the other video resources posted on their youtube channel where they feature artists. I took tips from each of them.

The Result: My resin dreams are a reality and the work comes alive, the colors look alive and ‘wet’ just like when I was painting it, harnessing that emotion and keeping it alive for ever.

My piece ‘Lovers’ is the first piece I resin with Art resin and is part of a series of acrylic pours in movement that I do to release energy by controlling softly with hand movements creating unexpected shapes.

Working with ART RESIN I feel 70% is preparation, having all the correct instruments and 30% is about application and the use of those instruments. Check this Post to learn more about what you need to resin and be ready to explore yourself!!!

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