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30 Paintings in 30 Days

Beautiful Emma, also magical painter and human, invited me and all the artist at the North Fork Art Collective to join her 30 Paintings in 30 days challenge she does the month of November.

The Idea is to finish one painting a day and post them on social media (Instagram in my case) to have a total of 30 small paintings at the end of November. This practise is design for the artists to explore new mediums or ideas that have been in your mind but has not have the time to execute them and get you in the flow of painting every day!

The minute she told me I LOVED the idea, but I was also so nervous as it has so many challenges for me; The Format: I normally do larger paintings, where my tools and techniques develop better in larger areas, is just really hard to even understand how to start in a small canvas.

TIME: I'm taking care of my daughter and even though I try to paint or work while she naps or goes to bed, it does not happen everyday, as anyone who takes care of a toddler knows that to match their energy you need to put a lot out and by the time she's done I am also ready to just rest.

But I am determined that I could make this happen and the most important for me is to have fun in the process and maybe discover something I did not know.

So what will I paint?!? Every artist has the freedom to paint, draw, take a picture and any form of art as long is it finish and complete. I had a short list of ideas I had but I also felt a big responsibility to use my art as sign of awareness of what is going in my country, Nicaragua.

For the last 6 months the people from Nicaragua has been repressed, more then 520 deaths, thousands of injured and now more then 400 people in jail for defending their rights with nothing more then a flag or their voice.

A week a go a group of 40 people were getting ready to be part of a pacific protest and they were taking by the police to jail. Another act of injustice, another day that I spent crying and depressed not knowing how to help.

Two days later the story of a lady that was interrogated by the police came out. When asked what political party she belong too; She said, she belongs to the "Woman with Red lips movement" Her creative way to twist what could be a very scary situation for many, sparkled in me and many other joy and hope. Many woman and men painted their lips red to stand behind all the political prisoners.

So I have decided I will paint 30 LIPS!!! one different set of lips every day. They will be Red, Pink and all the colors, and probably will mix Lips with other subjects. My new vision and feeling for this project is that I will stand for what I believe which is Freedom, Love, Kindness and Color of course!!! and I think our voice and words that come trough our lips can be one of our most powerful weapons.

If there is so many people that have so much pain in themselves to do so much harm to others, I have to be the total opposite which is have the most Love and understanding, have my heart wide open! AND CREATE!

Hope you join me and my collective friends/artists in this exciting journey by following us in istagram trough #collective30in30 #30in30

ALL WORK WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE starting December 1st. Join my NEW Newsletter for English speakers trough this link!

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