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2020 Transformation REDUCE WASTE

We are all aware of how much plastic we produce, how much damage we are creating in our planet. But we still (I know I am) producing so much waste.

It seems that is taking so much awareness for us to act and reduce our wait and be proactive going forward.

I am very inspired by 2 artists in my community, Cindy Peace Roe and Scott Bluedorn, both of them truly move me through their work and actions. So much so that I am committing myself in being more conscious about my decisions. There are many websites out there that can give you some ideas on how to reduce waste check out

Here in my blog I am listing some things I already do and things I have to get better at doing in order to reduce waste, hopefully this will inspire you and together create change:

-Bring shopping bags and say NO to plastic bags (We are pretty good here in NY but I know in Nicaragua they use double plastic bags for everything!)

-No to straws, plastic cutlery, plates, cups. This is especially hard when going out to places you don’t know, but get to know your local juice & coffee shops, who uses paper instead of plastic and/or bring your own cup.

-Make the transition to reusable items, something I still have to improve in my house; wax paper instead of plastic wrappers, cloths instead of paper towels.

-Think twice before pressing that BUY button, I feel since living in the USA the convenience of buying online plus the inevitable consumption culture wrapping us like pray has had an effect on us and I see ourselves buying sometimes more than what we need.

-Use recycled paper to wrap and package anything in your home.

-Stop buying plastic toys (one big one for me plastic is BIG on kids toys but there are amazing wood options and reuse toys)

-Consider second hand and quality made clothing, this has been actually so much fun for me as I have an amazing thrift store in my town, but also the impact fast fashion has in the world is huge and it is not only damaging the environment but societies in developing countries.

There are many new products in the market place that replace so much plastic in our homes:

Bar soaps instead of shower gels, I saw some washing strips instead of the gallon of washing detergent, bar soap for the plates, bamboo everything and many more creative products out there. I KNOW is an investment and there is a reason why plastic is so widely spread -VERY cheap and convenient- but causing so much damage.

There is a natural world out there that is screaming for us to change and WE CAN do something about it.

What will you do next?

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