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About blue

I have been tracing what is the real meaning of the color blue in my life. Why it shows up in all of my paintings like a loyal friend that makes me feel safe.

The flag of my country and the meaning it has taken the last 5 years as a color of strength and justice or when I felt deeply in-love with the deep blue sky at sunset time in the city of Rome. I would stop and could not understand how I haven’t seen that tone of blue before. It wrapped my whole being in awe.

To the most common granted gifts of the skies everyday and the depth of the oceans near me at all times.


Connecting to myself and learning that blue represents a part of me that is so noble, that is quiet but present, that can feel and understand what you are going through but can also have immense space to hold you and connect to your higher knowing that you are indeed worth it. That you are indeed here and you are loved.


That part of me is always there, always wise, contemplating how I live my life and holding space for when I need grounding or expansion.

She holds all the other parts of myself with grace and gratitude. And for that Blue Will always be within me and around me.


Thank you.

Do you have a Blue?


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 Verona Peñalba 2024

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