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Self, Spirit and the in between.

I find myself constantly reflecting on a paradox in life.

A recurring theme for me is the struggle between the ‘self’ and ‘spirit’ and the in-between force that unites them both.

As I navigate every day I wonder if I will ever find ‘self’-fulfillment’ And although my life is filled with fortune, the self-voice sounds insatiable; with goals and dreams that feel exciting just to think about them, but also worthless for the spirit. As my ‘spirit’ bathes in joy with the kisses of my daughter and the beauty of the most simple moments of my every day. OHH and how lucky am I to understand and have the awareness of these treasures.

Finding the balance, my own balance is the journey. Acknowledging the worth of the ‘self’ is vital for experiencing this lifes full potential. As I fear not death, but not living to my full potential.

How do all these thoughts translate in my work? The past year I created what I wanted, maybe not a uniform collection, but each painting, every mask and bag I sow, each print, fulfilling the need of the moment, bringing together ‘Self’ and ‘Spirit’ for what it feels my life purpose is: To Create

When I’m creating, there is no separation between the energies. I converse in one, hopefully united to the threat of humanity and all life in the world. But certainly in peace and grateful to be alive.

So hopefully I will be constantly creating and sharing with you, making space for both Self and Spirit.

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 Verona Peñalba 2024

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