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The North Forker

Glad to share with you my thoughts and behind the scenes of the latest EDITION of The North Forker, where they visit my studio (among other artists in the area) and share a little about how the space informs our work.

To read the full article, visit Their Website here.

First - Working on the Cover- I was asked to paint the photo taken by David Benthall of Artist Cindy Peace Roe from Upsculpt. I was given full creative freedom by the Editor Sara Austin. And the result is several expressions of colors, using some of the mediums I use in my practice like acrylic, alcohol inks and watercolors. See below the alternate cover options. Second- Photos of my studio. It is my second year in my Garage studio in Greenport. A space that started as a forgotten garage is now covered floor to ceiling with Art; materials, books, stories, finished paintings, in progress works and a space I share with my daughter. Third- David (Official photographer of the Northforker) proposed for me to paint my face as a different take on how I paint faces. So the day of, with no preparation, we found a good spot in the garden, he set up his equipment and I started throwing pigment on my face. As you can see in the photo below. I entered a state of AWE where words had no more sense and color took over the moment. Overall a great experience of collaboration, creativity, openness and connection. Love, Verona

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