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My Marilyn Rose
My Marilyn Rose

'Nothing lives forever but the gold shades of your hair forever in my mind' Acrylic on Paper Board A1 (59.4 x 84.1cm) *Available for sale

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Join me trough my every day walks from Boscombe to the Factory Studios. enjoying the magic mist of Spring trough the romance of flowers.
This exposition shows this flowers transformed into beautiful women who embrace their delicacy and unique features.

It is a simple journey, it is a simple life, but still filled with color, emotions and strength.


Bournemouth England 2014


Artist Derek Wilson and Verona Penalba

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IKnowArt in the Garden Miami 2012



Remember where it all started Art exposition by Derek Wilson, Trek Six and Verona Peñalba.

October 27th 2012


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Isnpired in the art of Creation, lips that speak life into existence. Love. 

A collective exposition of work of Ernesto Rodriguez, George Donaldson, Juan Gutierrez , Marcel C. Mano and Verona Peñalba. Cabarete, Dominican Republic. February 2011

IKnowArt of Lips and Love Dominican Republic 2011



Acrylic on Canvas 9 meter long, 6 pieces. A 'Kiss' custom made for Nikki Beach Miami. Sexy, warmth, private, 'Kiss' was part of the Best party on the Beach of Art Basel 2009. For more pictures about the Event, Please visit

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'Kiss' showcased during "The Box" preformance, Nikki Beach 
Art Basel Miami 2009​

Presented 'Kiss' a 9 meter long piece, Acrylic on Canvas.

Art is not only that which appears in the galleries as determined by the curator. 
For the first time ever in Miami and during Art Basel Nikki Beach hosted “The Box” from NYC for a three-day performance art series lauded as “the best party on the beach during Basel” for more visit

 Verona Peñalba 2022

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