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Today January ends. January is such a good month, so loving, so new, so caring.

I have been writing and preparing my self for 2014. Setting my goals with the love and assistance of the Wonderful Leoni Dawson and The 2014 Create Your Amazing Year in Life and Biz workbooks.

So I figured I will share some of my most important dreams and goals for this year!

My sacred word for this year is ABUNDANCE!!!

-Abundant Creativity! develope and grow my creative process and products

-Support my loving-happy-free lifestyle by selling my creations during the whole year and years to come!

-Have exposicions +sell work and visit: London, New York, Italy, San Francisco, Miami and Nicaragua.

-Have my first and mayor solo exposition in Nicaragua.

-Abundant Love of Dominic & my Family.

-Abundant health

-Abundant lifestyle! -and I refer here to healthy+fresh eating, time for me, time for me to share my love to mines, healthy body, and gifts! (I enjoy so much giving gifts, specially my little nephews and nieces.)

-Produce other creative articles like a clothes & cards.

-Explore and produce with other mediums like oil, wood, watercolor.

-Own my own amazing camera to take pictures of my models and life.

-Help my lovely mother economically every month.

-Practice Kiteboarding, Surf and Yoga ---I have to get better at all of them since im not really the 'sports' type.

And probably one of the biggest goals that I am not sure how, but I dont really care how! HA

-Own our first property!!! this can be a house or just the land. We know about some nice not very expensive land in the pacific coast of Nicaragua where is a good invenstment and we would love to live there.

So far I met my economic goal for January 2014! and I am living my sweet dream, I am so so thankful & gratful like the first rain of May.

I will probably be posting about major goals being accomplished!!!

Thank you for reading.



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