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The remedy for a happy painting

I find my self struggling at some part of the painting.

When I start it, is PERFECT! with the first lines shades and colors is like wonderland, so many times I wished to leave the painting there, but I know I have to continue...

Suddlenly I find myself with weird colors, strokes, shapes that make my faces look like some type of monsters is living inside them....Im not making this up, is not a joke (although Im laughing now) they make me feel so insecure and of course I question my creativity and my self so hard it hearts my sweet heart.

The good thing is that I know what is the secret, (for me works to remember what I have to do and give myself love time to do it, as I obviously do not do it automatically)

I stop, put the painting aside, and think/feel

-Why Am I doing this?

-For who Am I doing this for?

-What does it mean?

And the answers flow so easily to me...


I am doing this for my cousins and friends who are giving it as a symbol of friendship to their dearest friend. Isn't it an amazing feeling?!?! IT IS!!!

I am doing this for a l lovely Lady and a man who you can just feel how much he loves her, and they want to have a portrait of her in their house to cherish her and celebrate her every day. WOW that is amazing!

I am doing this for a man that loves his wife so much, he wants to express her beauty in a painting.

I am doing this because it makes me very happy to be part of this moments, to help share love, friendship and happiness. I am doing this because it feels amazing to paint, to dance and to create.

And then, just like magic the perfect combination, strength and joy comes thru me into an amazing painting.

When you are feeling stuck, take your time and remember why are you doing what you are doing, what is the reason behind it? go to your core and the answers will flow.

Thank you for creating a world of emotions. <3



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